Nauticsud 2022 has opened its doors

Nauticsud 2022
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On February 12, the edition of Nauticsud 2022 was inaugurated at the Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples, in the presence of the institutional offices. with Mostra d’Oltremare, over 700 boats and 200 companies in the nautical sector are on display until February 20.

The 2022 edition of the event will be slightly reduced as it will not be able to use Hall 1 and a small part of Hall 2, spaces intended for the vaccination hub of the city of Naples.
The external reception areas of the hub prevent outdoor exposure from the side of piazzale Tecchio, limiting public access from the main entrance of the exhibition facility.

Turning instead to the contents of Nauticsud 2022, as underlined in a press conference at the end of January by the president of Afina, Gennaro Amato, the repositioning of the exhibition spaces occupied by the vaccination center, both internal and external, made it possible to renew the design of the show. An event that presents an exhibition path with two entrances and a more usable and extensive outdoor exhibition.
From the point of view of products, on the other hand, the confirmation of the most important companies in the various segments; yachts, boats, gozzo boats and rafts, as well as that of engines, accessories and services of the supply chain, demonstrates the value of this fair which in the last 6 years we have brought, with our organization, to high levels.
“Planning for the next few years now becomes a focal and strategic point, not only in view of the two-year period preceding the 50th anniversary, to allow Italian production to take a real leap forward. We need to think about the new markets of North Africa as well as that of the countries of the Balkan area, but without neglecting squares such as Spain and France that look at pleasure boating, the one between 5 and 16 meters, with great and new attention. ”, Concluded Amato.

Always Amato, during the inauguration conference of Nauticsud 2022 said: “As an entrepreneur, I applaud the initiative of the president of the Naples Chamber of Commerce, Ciro Fiola, to establish, as a camerale, a company to build the Marinas that are missing in Naples and that the Region has forgotten in its yachting development plan, preferring 16 areas but only from Amalfi to Sapri. Then, let me tell you, the presence of the mayor Manfredi and that of the president and vice president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, Roberto Fico and Ettore Rosato, underlines the importance that the nautical supply chain has assumed which, in addition to being a productive segment of international level in constant growth in turnover from 5 years to today, it is also an expression of economy and jobs * “.