B Open 2022, bio-food at Veronafiere

B Open 2022
[:it]B Open 2022[:]

The appointment with B Open 2022 https://www.b-opentrade.com/, a b2b exhibition dedicated to bio food, returns to Veronafiere from 13 to 14 October. Veronafiere thus confirms itself as an international platform for an ever-expanding sector, which is worth over 4.6 billion euros in our country.
Also confirmed in this third edition, the two-day “turnkey” formula, which strengthens the identity of the event, with the opportunity to make the most of the certifications required as a condition of participation. Also this year the event will represent a moment of confrontation with highly selected Italian and foreign professionals.
B Open 2022 will also maintain a smart offer for the third edition, declining even more in depth the “confex” fair formula, i.e. conferences and workshops combined with an exhibition part and reserved exclusively for an audience of selected professional operators from Italy and from abroad.

A growing market

2022 has opened for organic with positive growth conditions. Forecasts related, on the one hand, to the application of the new European regulation on the production and labeling of organic products (EU Reg. No. 2018/848). On the other hand, from consumers’ research for products perceived as healthy, linked to territorial and organic specificities.
2022 should also be the year of the definitive approval of the organic law, a fundamental measure to be able to face the challenges of a sector necessary for the relaunch of the entire Italian agri-food system.
In addition, in 2021 the European Union promoted an action plan for organic agriculture organized into 23 development assets, identifying at the community level the date of September 23 of each year as “Bio Day”.
Also the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027, which will come into force from 1 January next year, supports with specific measures the organic supply chains with resources around 450 million euros per year between rural development and eco-schemes. This confirms that, if managed with equilibrium, the prospects for growth will ensure greater production and a wider diffusion of “organic” products in the diet of Italians and Europeans.
Italy has good prospects of increasing the organic areas to reach the target of 25% of useful agricultural area cultivated by 2030, already ranking among the European countries with a greater “organic” vocation, behind only Austria, Estonia and Sweden.
At B Open 2022 the reflection that international institutions, operators and players will have to make will concern how to harmonize the organic model with the needs of sustainability, growth in consumption, integration of supply chains and rural communities.

A new era is emerging for organic, with the awareness that the growth of the sector must not be limited to greater production, connected to the objective of the Green Deale of the From Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies to reach a useful agricultural area dedicated to organic. by 25% across Europe by 2030.

The future of the “organic” model will have to embrace consumers’ requests for sustainability in a broader way and contribute to developing an integrated approach between producers, processors, distributors, buyers to reduce waste as much as possible, encourage short-term consumption policies and medium range, promoting sustainability that is above all economic, but at the same time capable of protecting the environment, employment and rural communities. Organic, in particular, is considered a useful tool for combating climate change, reducing environmental impact and effectively accompanying the path towards climate neutrality, which the European Union intends to achieve by 2050.