48th Nauticsud, many news at the fair

48° Nauticsud
[:it]48° Nauticsud[:]

Gates open from 12 to 20 February at the Mostra d’Oltremare for the 48th Nauticsud. The international exhibition dedicated to the nautical supply chain is preparing with many world previews and news: from boats to engines, from objects to accessories and services.

Fifty thousand square meters of exhibition space, which can be visited during the nine days of the event, which will offer a complete overview of the supply chain with the major players in the sector, not only in productivity, but also in dealers and retailers, marine engines, accessories and services.
Alongside the organizers also Amedeo Manzo, president of BCC Napoli and of the Campania Federation of the BCCs, who, with the role of Afina’s partnership, will support with subsidized loans for Neapolitan companies and for those who wish to buy a boat.

The problem of berths in Campania

On February 2, during the presentation of the 48th Nauticsud, organized by the Italian Nautical Industry Association in collaboration with the Neapolitan exhibition body, the problem of the lack of berths in Campania was recalled.
Defined a “real problem” by the president of Afina, Gennaro Amato, and which penalizes the production segment and the entire nautical supply chain. For every 10 boats sold only 6 find mooring. “We must intervene immediately in order not to lose the Italian production leadership of our region. Our association, made up of entrepreneurs, is ready to invest in the construction of a Marina that can have mooring and hosting capacities for an international boat show to be held at sea “.

The president of the Naples Chamber of Commerce, Ciro Fiola, also underlined the seriousness of the problem: “A project to relaunch the Neapolitan tourist ports was ready but it was hindered and canceled because the institutions blocked all operations. Today, as a Chamber of Commerce, we are ready to invest money and form a company with institutions, port authorities and entrepreneurs to revive the marinas and the economy they produce in the area “.