Macfrut 2022 edition:avocado at the Tropical Fruit Congress

Macfrut edizione 2022
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Macfrut 2022 edition, an international event dedicated to fruit and vegetables, gives an appointment in person from Wednesday 6 to Friday 6 May in the Rimini exhibition center.

As part of the event, the third edition of the Tropical Fruit Congress will be held on May 6, scheduled at the Rimini Expo Center.
The appointment will include a conference, technical workshops and a thematic exhibition area and a moment to collect and analyze these will include, providing the tools to help the development of avocado consumption. And this through strategies that will focus on quality, sustainability, knowledge of market dynamics and attention to the consumer.
Coordinated by NCX Drahorad in collaboration with Cesena Fiera, Macfrut 2022 edition will have avocado as its protagonist, a product that in the tropical fruit category is concentrating the greatest attention of operators and consumers for its superfood qualities and numerous consumption opportunities.

Thomas Drahorad, president of NCX Drahorad underlined: “The objective of the Tropical Fruit Congress is to create a unique meeting moment for operators in the supply chain in which to compare and update themselves on market trends, technical innovations and logistical and commercial best practices. There will be international speakers including experts, buyers and producers from the main global areas of production and consumption of avocado, a fruit that has been defined as the phenomenon of 2020 in the world of superfruits “.

Macfrut 2022 edition: avocado, an increasingly popular superfruit

All the main Italian retailers value the growth potential of the tropical fruit category very high. In 2020, the avocado sees the sold-out rise by 67.4%, driven by strong demand (+ 51.2%) (source: Osservatorio Immagino).
Consumption in Italy is about 24,000 tons (2020) and with an annual growth of 20%, entering an overall trend in which the consumption of a volume of tropical fruit has grown by 45-50% in the four-year period 2017-2020.

A market with great potential therefore. In fact, while the consumption of tropical products is growing up to 30% per year according to the operators of the large-scale distribution, the penetration of avocados in Italian families is still low, reaching 17%. In other words, one in six households has purchased avocados in the past 12 months.
“Growth trends are set to last over the next few years and, with increasing quality to quality, household penetration is also expected to increase,” admitted Thomas Drahorad.