Promoberg passes from associative body to srl


From January 26, Promoberg has ceased to be an associative body becoming in effect a limited liability company. This is an important step for a company born in 1984 and a leading player in the trade fair, events, congresses and shows sector. In fact, the company has managed the Bergamo Fair since 2003, the year it was inaugurated, and the Creberg Theater since September 2011.

The activities of the new srl concern in particular the promotion and organization of trade fairs and the implementation of promotional actions for the economic, social and cultural development of the business sectors concerned. And again, organizing and managing meetings, conferences, events, shows and theatrical performances, as well as promoting and enhancing companies and production chains of goods and services.
For the implementation of the corporate purpose and in an instrumental function, Promoberg can carry out all commercial, real estate, securities and financial transactions. It can acquire shareholdings in other companies and provide guarantees in favor of third parties. All in compliance with the mandatory provisions of the law on confidential financial activities.

The subscribed and paid up share capital is equal to € 22,800, divided into equal parts (€ 1,200) among the 19 shareholders. As of the third quarter of 2021, there are 14 employees, all on permanent contracts.
The board of directors is made up of the chairman Fabio Sannino, assisted by the deputy chairmen Matteo Zanetti and Luciano Patelli, and by the directors Renato Giavazzi, Lorenzo Cereda, Giuseppe Cristinelli, Lorenzo Pinetti and Carlo Loffreda.
The chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors is Rosella Colleoni, auditors Roberto Frigerio and Massimo Restivo, alternate auditors Antonio Coffetti and Marco Ghidotti.
Auditing firm, Kpmg; Antonio Candotti Supervisory Body.

Fabio Sannino said: “With the transformation into a limited liability company, a fundamental step for the modernization of Promoberg organizational and corporate structure is perfected, resulting in greater transparency of operations and financial statements. It is also a great challenge, as some contributions we have received in the past in our role as a non-profit association will now no longer be possible. This commits us to devise new events and develop them to generate adequate profits.
Even in a context that is still very complicated for the entire supply chain of the exhibition system, we are carrying out a fruitful work of comparison and collaborations, thanks to which we are confident of being able to quickly present an exhibition calendar that we believe to be very varied and able to obtain feedback. positive from businesses and the public “.