Macfrut 2022 presented to the Italian in Africa

Macfrut 2022
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Macfrut 2022 was presented to African countries and the Middle East with a webinar on 24 January. The fair dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector will take place at the Rimini exhibition center from 4 to 6 May next.
The meeting was aimed at the Italian embassies in Africa and saw the participation of over 60 ambassadors, commercial staff, Ice-Agency offices, Aics for development cooperation, and Unido (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). Promoted by Cesena Fiera, Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Ice-Agency, the meeting was the continuation of a similar initiative held last week aimed at African embassies in Italy, again on the subject of Macfrut 2022.

A strategic sector

After the opening of the day by Antonio Montanari, vice president of Confindustria Assafrica Mediterraneo, Renzo Piraccini, president of the fair, spoke. Piraccini recalled how the fruit and vegetable sector is strategic for the African continent grappling with problems in production, to which are added the difficulty of the cold chain that leads it to waste a third of its production, and the lack of integration between production and markets. . In all this, the event can play a central role as it is the only trade fair capable of hosting companies representing all the rings that Africa needs.

Among the projects in the field of Macfrut 2022, the Africa Days. The three-day event is dedicated to opportunities for companies in the fruit and vegetable sector on the continent. In particular, the States General of African Fruit and Vegetables will be hosted and the international cooperation projects of AICS will be presented, and focuses on specific countries will also be promoted to present the rapidly developing market opportunities to companies.

The Director General of Ice-Agenzia Roberto Luongo focused on the projects implemented and teamwork in Africa, while Giuseppe Mistretta, director for sub-Saharan Africa Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, closed the webinar . “Macfrut 2022 puts in place concrete development projects in the agricultural field on the continent, and in this context an important role is also played by our ambassadors in Africa who are the point of connection between the needs of the States, their expectations and the fair” .

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