Fiere di Parma and Fiera Milano: new exhibition axis?

Fiere di Parma
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After the rumors released in the press in recent days about a possible collaboration between Fiere di Parma and Fiera Milano, the latter confirmed that “a series of in-depth analyzes by the management and advisors are underway, to configure a hypothesis of partnership between the company and Fiere di Parma “.
To declare it a note of the group. An entry into the capital and a project for coordinated management of events in the food sector are being studied. These include the TuttoFood and Cibus events. However, the agreements could also concern initiatives in the tourism, horticultural, food processing and mechanical sectors, according to what is read in the local press.

Also in the press release, Fiera Milano specifies that “at present, the potential transaction has not yet been subject to approval by the bodies of the respective companies as the appropriate checks are still underway on the feasibility of the same” and that “it will continue to monitor the information and it will be communicated according to the applicable rules “.


These indiscretions, again as reported by the national press, of ongoing negotiations on the Parma-Milan fair axis have set politics in a state of fibrillation.
The first to strike a blow is the municipal councilor Fabrizio Pezzuto who on the hypothesis of an agreement between the two exhibition centers, with possible changes to the social agreements and shareholdings, believes “it is important that the Municipality of Parma also takes a position and clarifies its own strategy on trade fairs “. (La Repubblica)


“This would be a real corporate transaction, on the basis of which Fiera Milano would become a shareholder of Fiere di Parma by subscribing to a dedicated capital increase, through the contribution of assets, or the manifestation of Tuttofood ownership, in exchange for a countervalue in shares of Fiere di Parma “. (Il sole 24 ore)


“The agreement would therefore initially be aimed at the agri-food sector but the entry of Fiera Milano into the shareholding of Fiere di Parma would open up further potential synergies in other supply chains. Unlike Fiera Milano, Fiere di Parma owns the exhibition center ”. (Milano Finanza)