Mecspe 2022 returns to Bolognafiere in June

Mecspe 2022
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An atmosphere of optimism characterizes the 20th edition of Mecspe 2022. The main Italian fair dedicated to manufacturing and organized by Senaf, will be scheduled from 9 to 11 June in the BolognaFiere district. An event that restarts from the positive numbers of the last edition, which saw the presence of 48,562 visitors and the participation of 2,024 companies at the fair (the highest number of exhibitors at industrial fairs in Europe in 2021).

Confirmations and news

The presence of the Limits Factory is also confirmed at Mecspe 2022, an area that will focus on the three fundamental themes of predictive diagnostics, lightening and energy efficiency. Being able to prevent the causes that can cause interruptions in production or delays in deliveries, with consequent economic losses, is increasingly important. In fact, business interruption is one of the main concerns mentioned by entrepreneurs (source Risk Barometer by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty). In addition, it becomes crucial in the production process to use ever lighter materials in order to make the process as sustainable as possible and optimize its energy efficiency, thus obtaining significant savings in terms of consumption. A sort of virtuous circle that will see “machines” and software as protagonists.

The key arguments

In the edition of Mecspe 2022 there will be in-depth studies on broader issues for Italian manufacturing such as digitization, sustainability and training. Key points to promote growth from an Industry 4.0 perspective and to attract young people to the “new factory”, increasingly advanced and “digital”. In short, in line with the needs of the new generations.
Again with a view to training and innovation, there is ample space for the Competence Centers, introduced by Mise in 2018 as part of the National Industry 4.0 Plan in order to assist companies on aspects such as training, digitization and development of innovation 4.0.
An edition, that of Mecspe 2022, ever richer and renewed in contents, which will see the support of Metef, the international expo for aluminum, the metal foundry and technologies of innovative materials and will alternate exhibition moments with demonstration moments , as in the thematic squares (Planning and Design, TMP, Start-up Factory) or in the countless training and information moments (Simulation Summit or the Solution Award) to be close to the needs of companies and entrepreneurs.