Filo 2022 is online with product development proposals

Filo 2022
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From December 14, the product development proposals made for the next edition, which will take place on February 23 and 24, 2022 at MiCo in Milan, are available online on the Filo 2022 website.
The event is the only international event dedicated to the excellence of yarns. A business platform with a wide variety of high quality collections, the result of research and continuous innovation, produced with respect for the environment and fundamental ethical values.

Developed by Gianni Bologna, head of creativity and style of the fair, the product development proposals are illustrated in the video Alternative Edizione. Here the general macro-trend is declined along three textile themes: “This”, “The other”, “Or”.

It is Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of the Milanese exhibition, who explains the reasons for this choice: “From some editions we have chosen to publish the development proposals of Filo 22 exclusively online. It is a decision that derives from a series of considerations. First, the dissemination through this method responds to a specific market request and allows a very wide dissemination: through the digital channel we can reach a large audience of professionals interested in our proposals, in Italy and abroad. Secondly, the use of product development proposals in this mode does not stop at a “here and now”, but extends over time: exhibitors, buyers, sector operators can choose the moment in which to view them, return to see them in every time to grasp new aspects and inspirations. Finally, we must take into account that in the last two years many things have changed in our sector, and events in presence and digital communication are increasingly destined to integrate and complete each other, offering operators new services and new advantages “.

A choice that was rewarded by the appreciation of the operators even in objectively difficult times for textiles. The invitation is therefore to connect to the Filo 2022 website (to find inspiration and suggestions in the development proposals that companies can then transform into products.
The result is a real “technical-stylistic handbook” for product managers, who can consult it at any time and from anywhere in the world by accessing the website.