Macfrut 2022: focus on the African continent

Macfrut 2022
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The partnership between Macfrut 2022 and Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo is renewed.
The formalization of the continuation of the collaboration between the international fruit and vegetable fair (at Rimini Expo Center from 4 to 6 May 2022) and the organization took place on 15 December in Rome at the Confindustria headquarters, during the meeting “Lead the Change . The new coordinates for Africa and the Middle East “.
A moment of discussion by several voices on the opportunities for Italian companies on the African continent in which fruit and vegetables can play a central role in growth and development. Focus that will be at the center of Macfrut 2022 with Africa Days

During the meeting Renzo Piraccini, president of the Rimini event, said: “We are increasingly convinced that fruit and vegetables can play a leading role in the growth of Africa. For this reason, for years we have dedicated great attention to the Continent, hosting an entire pavilion at the fair and taking part in numerous international missions. The 2022 edition at the Rimini Expo Center will do something more: three days of events on opportunities for companies in the fruit and vegetable sector on the continent “.

The Africa Days program

Three events scheduled for the Africa Days scheduled over as many days.
On the first day, the States General of Fruit and Vegetables that will bring together the voices of experts, companies and institutions on aspects that are central to the development of the sector in the various African states.
The second day will be dedicated to international cooperation through the projects of Aics, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Africa.
Finally, focus on some countries to present companies and opportunities to both international importers and European exporting companies, which in Africa can find a rapidly developing hospitality market.

Africa Days is organized in collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Aics, Ice-Agenzia, Unido and in partnership with Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo.