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MU Hotel
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One of the novelties of the next edition of Milano Unica, from 1 to 2 February 2022 at Fieramilano Rho, will be MU Hotel.
It is an imaginary place that intercepts the desire to return to travel and to share experiences of new places and different cultures. And the novelty of this 34th edition of the event and point of reference for high-end textiles and accessories for men and women lies precisely in the desire to create a dialogue between clothing and furnishing fabrics and of design for a rewriting of aesthetic and expressive codes in a future key.
“We imagined how the use of products that are made in Spring-Summer and of the places where the same products are worn, can be a driver of our creative choices and we have therefore brought together some realities related to the world of the hotel industry with those of fashion ”as explained by Stefano Fadda, artistic director of Milano Unica.

MU Hotel represents a new lifestyle, in which the accessories and fabrics of the hotel furniture and those of clothing interact ideally, in which design and fashion coexist, mutually enriching each other with references to precious and natural materials: from the white linen of a sofa to that of of trousers, from the silk of a pillow to that of a shirt, from the raffia of a carpet to that of an embroidery. In a trespassing of areas that generates a perfect mix between furniture and fashion.

Eco-sustainability is the protagonist

Three different types of hotels present at MU Hotel – Ecoresort, Ecoyacht, Ecopalace – represented during the Milanese event. All united from the name of the red thread of eco-sustainability and awareness of the importance of the planet.

Blue skies, crystalline sea and the scent of myrtle: Ecoresort is a place of sophisticated simplicity, with a sand floor, exposed beams and stone walls. The fabrics are impalpable, the transparencies poetic. Shells, ropes and raffia tell of precious and elaborate accessories. The imprinting is artisanal, the attitude is relaxed, carefree with a vocation for primitive simplicity.
Saint-Tropez, Saint-Barth, Portofino. And again, Montecarlo, Capri, Portocervo: the destinations of the international jet set are the stops of Ecoyacht. At MU Hotel we are in the world of stretching cottons, tubular knits, overprinted sponges, highly polished Lycra and colored nylons. It is not the marine style that predominates but the elegance of the 1950s-1960s cruises.
Finally Ecopalace with the interiors of large residences, historic villas, boutique hotels. The rooms are characterized by the damask satins and the brocades of the upholstery, the fringes of the trimmings, the voile of the curtains.