Fieragricola 2022 and the Common Agricultural Policy

Fieragricola 2022
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On the eve of the new edition – from 26 to 29 January at VeronaFiere – Fieragricola 2022 will celebrate sixty years of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with an international summit scheduled in Verona on 25 January.
The international exhibition dedicated to agriculture will recall what was the first policy of aggregation of united Europe, applied starting from 1962, but already wanted with the Treaty of Rome of 1957 which, in establishing the European Economic Community between Italy, France , Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, at the same time established in article 39 the purposes of the CAP.
Purposes today expanded with the reform that will come into force in January 2023 and which provide, among other things, to ensure a fair income for farmers; increase competitiveness; rebalance the distribution of power in the food supply chain.

The president of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese, said: “The CAP was the first real glue of Europe, when the main priority at the time was still guaranteeing access to food for the population. Fieragricola witnessed its evolution together with the farmers and in January, together with the institutions and the agricultural world, we wish to start a discussion on the future of agriculture itself, promoting a vision to 2050 and thus confirming the centrality of the exhibition and the role of the Verona Fair. for this sector which represents European politics better than any other ”.

An increasingly smart agriculture

The transversality of the exhibition of Fieragricola 2022, the verticalization of the supply chains, the attention to high value-added productions, innovation are the pillars of the Veronese event.
A complete overview which also includes topical issues such as sustainability, agro-ecology, circular economy, protection of the soil, resources, the environment and nature.

Because the future will be of “smart” agriculture. That is a sector characterized by an increasingly digital rural development and attentive to productive resources, environmental, climatic and social factors. And again, to the transparency and cooperation of supply chains, to the circular economy, so as to reduce waste and enhance reuse.
Innovation in the agricultural field is therefore among the most decisive levers for the near future. Fieragricola 2022 intends to support this asset with an area dedicated to all innovative, technological and digital solutions aimed at improving the sector’s activity in terms of yield, environmental sustainability, technical efficiency and quality.
During the next edition we will also talk about agroenergy and agrovoltaics, new business models with farms always at the center.
The next event will focus precisely on these sectors, already developed in previous editions, called to respond, together with agriculture, to the great challenges of the twenty-first century: feeding a constantly growing population and safeguarding the planet, the environment, water resources, the landscape.