Arkeda 2021, the Fuori Salone is also back

Arkeda 2021
[:it]Arkeda 2021[:]

Arkeda 2021, a show dedicated to architecture, construction, design and furniture, will take place in the spaces of the Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples from 3 to 5 December.
Now in its eighth edition, the event will have as its main theme “The dimensions of Architecture”, to try to reveal the new aspects that reveal the deep ties of this discipline with society, the environment and all their sudden changes.
This was specified by Roberto Cappelli, director of the event, during the press presentation of the 2021 edition of the show organized by Progecta.

The Arkeda 2021 appointment will take place in halls 5 (design) and 6 (technology of materials) of the Fuorigrotta structure and will be organized by proposing 4 workshops inspired by the dimensional and relational contrast of architectural spaces.
In the laboratories there will be a real implementation of products, projects and materials. The participating companies with the speakers and operators who represent them together with the tutors must demonstrate the state of research of their products and technical performance.
The training will have a modern imprint not only with lectures, but also using an arena with two tutors and the audience that comes into direct contact with the interlocutors.

The restart edition

In the approximately 8 thousand square meters of the Mostra d’Oltremare Arkeda 2021 will host exhibitors of the high range of interior design and furniture, outdoor, home automation, offices, kitchens, wellness areas, coatings, decorations, crafts. There will be exhibitions, a Theater of Ideas, in which a character will make himself known by having a coffee with the audience and telling his story in the world of design and architecture.
In addition to the spaces of the Mostra d’Oltremare, the event gives an appointment with the Fuori Salone which this year will be concentrated on three streets to involve the city more and more. Or via Piedigrotta, via Chiatamone, via Dei Mille for three Fridays (November 26, December 3 and 10).
Arkeda 2021 will not lack thematic training and focus courses – around 30 focused on architecture, design, materials, technologies, created in collaboration with professional associations and the Federico II and Vanvitelli universities – and 15 courses with CFP attribution.

The event with the patronage of the National Council of Architects P.P.C., the Orders of Architects from all over Italy, the Engineers, the ADI, the associations of designers and universities in the last edition saw the participation of over 12 thousand architects and engineers. This year’s goal is to surpass these numbers in the year of the restart after the pandemic.