International Livestock Fairs: Cremona world hub

International Livestock Fairs
[:it]Fiere Zootecniche Internazionali[:en]International Livestock Fairs[:]

Inaugurated on November 26 by Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Agricultural Policies, the International Livestock Fairs ended in the Cremona exhibition center on November 28.
The 2021 edition of the event confirmed the city among the main world capitals for the sector. Many technical, scientific and strategic ideas emerged during the three days: from the opportunities of the European Green Deal to the potential of foreign markets, passing through the field trials of agricultural giants.
“It was not easy, in a situation that is still limiting for international travel, to be able to organize an event of this magnitude – underlined Roberto Biloni, president of CremonaFiere – but we wanted to give a strong signal to the whole sector: Cremona is one of the hubs crucial to global agro-zootechnics. And the response from businesses and farmers confirms that we have done a good job. The presence of many institutions and political representatives, the first of which was Minister Patuanelli, confirmed the importance of the work carried out. All this confirms that Cremona is the natural hub for agro-zootechnics, a hub of the Po Valley. ”

The centrality of Cremona as a meeting point for the International Livestock Fair was also evidenced by the foreign presence, this year anything but taken for granted.
In fact, 14 delegations from as many countries visited the event in search of new business to develop with Italian companies.

Furthermore, visitors to the event were stimulated by the numerous innovations and innovations present at the fair. Among others, the winner of the 23rd edition of the Targa Beltrami award for innovation in agriculture, C.D. Electrical Systems and with its Safecow system, which optimizes the time and work of the barn operators, positively affecting the welfare of the animals.
Animals that were present in large numbers this year at the International Livestock Fairs: 475 animals registered from 75 Italian and foreign farms.

Roberto Biloni also recalled that “One of the strengths of our event is the ability to bring together and meet diversified sectors and interests in Cremona, also and above all thanks to a program of events and initiatives that address all the most current issues of the agriculture, animal husbandry and agri-food. This allows International Livestock Exhibitions to be a strategic meeting point, where business is developed, but which also represents a hotbed of innovative ideas. We also try to stimulate not only the technicians, but also the consumers, bringing them closer to the supply chain and letting them know and touch it: this is also an important road to take to enhance the great work of Italian agri-food companies, because the fair is a tool of vision and sharing of ideas that this year in particular have always addressed the issue of sustainability by analyzing how much agriculture and livestock have changed, how much they are doing and how much they will do “.