BTO 2021: redefining the tourism of the future

BTO 2021
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The 13th edition of BTO 2021 is on air in Florence from 24 to 30 November.
In presence and online, the leading event in Italy on the connections between tourism, innovation and technology has chosen the completely new payoff “Be Travel Onlife” which continues the reflections on the concept of Onlife, or the ability to adapt, which was discussed in the latest edition and which becomes even more relevant in post-pandemic times.

The event unfolds over 5 thematic days, a journey between innovation and hospitality that will bring some of the most important players in the sector to the Tuscan capital. Some will intervene in connection, while others will be present in the form of a hologram.
The appointment is organized by the Tuscany Region and the Florence Chamber of Commerce, which have always been attentive to the competitiveness of tourism connected to the challenge of digital innovation. The organization is instead entrusted to Toscana Promotion of Tourism, PromoFirenze and Fondazione Sistema Toscana.

The theme that gives the red thread of the over 100 scheduled appointments is “New Frictionless World”, which translated means “New world without friction”, which is also a wish for the future as explained by the scientific director of BTO 2021, Francesco Tapinassi. “The simplification of digital experiences is the secret of the success of the main online platforms and it is extremely interesting that the organizational model focused on the construction of fluid touch points, without friction and complexity, can also become an example in the generation of destinations, structures and tourist experiences. perfect for the contemporary traveler. A wish therefore that of a “new frictionless world” in tourism, starting from the end of the greatest friction of recent decades, the spread of Covid-19 “.

On November 24th, in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, two work sessions were held: “Vision”, with guests from all over the world and “Focus”, where some previews of the four main topics were provided: digital innovation, destination , food & wine, hospitality through round tables, attended by some of the speakers who will meet in the following days.
The offices of Nana Bianca and the Florence Chamber of Commerce will then host the four thematic days of BTO 2021, to be followed also online. On November 25th we will talk about Digital Innovation, on November 26th Destination, on November 29th focus on Food & Wine. Finally, on November 30 the topic of Hospitality will be at the center of the discussion.