Sigep 2022, an edition full of novelties

Sigep 2022
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For Sigep 2022 it is time for competitions. In fact, at the 43rd artisan foodservice event organized by Italian Exhibition Group, from 22 to 26 January 2022 at Rimini Fiere.
This is a selection of ice cream makers and pastry chefs who will enter the Italian team that will have to compete for one of the 12 places available at the 10th Gelato World Cup, which will take place in Rimini in 2024.
The novelty is represented by the European championship which will have its first edition in 2023 and which will be a real “elimination phase” of the teams made up, each one, of a master ice cream maker and a master pastry and chocolatier.

The Gelato World Cup

Therefore, the automatic participation “by right” in Sigep 2022 ends and a new competition phase begins, marked by the selection of the blue team, in collaboration with the Club Italia of the Gelato World Cup, the “preliminary” phase during the Gelato European Cup and, finally, participation in the World Cup.
The selection of pastry chefs in the Gelato Arena is set for January 23, 2022 with two competition tests: the artistic piece in crunchy and a chocolate ice cream cake.
The selection of the Gelato d’oro ice cream makers will instead take place in the semifinals, on 24 and 25 January, with two competition tests – the “mystery cream” and the “mystery fruit” – and the final on 26 January, with the creation of a single portion in glass and a gourmet ice cream.

Change the mission

This is one of the many innovations concerning Sigep 2022. The event is in fact at the center of a rebranding that reflects the aspirations of the Italian sweet foodservice supply chains around the world. Because today product quality and new sales channels meet a need for gratifying experiences, which the Italian style of interpreting dessert intercepts in the 5 supply chains of the event: artisanal ice cream and pastries, chocolate, bakery and coffee.
Transformation already captured during the full digital edition of last March, and now tangible, also in the new logo and in the new mission of the event that becomes The Dolce World Expo.

“The time was ripe for an update of the Sigep 2022 logo that had the classic features of the Italian style. Sigep celebrates dessert with a deeply Italian spirit of warmth, closeness and creative flair. It reveals innovations and shares the tools to interpret market changes with professionals in the sector “, as stated by Corrado Peraboni, la.d. of Italian Exhibition Group, during the presentation of the rebranding.