123th Fieracavalli, the 2021 edition is doubled

123th Fieracavalli
[:it]123th Fieracavalli[:]

123th Fieracavalli starts at Veronafiere with its 2021 edition. An edition again in attendance and for the first time doubled over two weekends: 4-7 and 12-14 November.
In the exhibition center of the Venetian city there will be 3,000 horses of 60 breeds from all over the world and 300 exhibiting companies from 10 countries, with buyers arriving from 18 countries thanks to incoming programs in collaboration with ICE-Agenzia.
To these are added the 35 breeding associations, the over 200 events including sports competitions, exhibitions and conferences, the 8 pavilions and outdoor areas to be visited with the 5 competition fields and the 3 rings for testing and heating of the pairs.

A sector in excellent health

At the 123th Fieracavalli, the thematic areas are transversal and cover all the souls of the equestrian sector linked to breeding, business, sport, tourism, entertainment, art and society.
The equestrian sector has seen double-digit growth at the national level this year.
Also thanks to the rediscovery of outdoor activities due to the pandemic, the associations of the horse world in the first 9 months of the year have seen an increase in their members. For sport, the members of the Fise-Italian Equestrian Sports Federation, including amateurs and professional athletes, have reached 162,995 (+ 23.3% compared to the same period in 2020).
Positive numbers also for the saddle tourism sector, with its association, Fitetrec-Ante, which reported an increase of + 38% among practitioners, for a total of 36,523 “equitourists”. The horse population is stable, with 480,000 specimens registered since the beginning of the year, while 224,526 owners are registered by Aia, the Italian Breeders’ Association.

Maurizio Danese, president of Veronafiere and of the 123th Fieracavalli: «The fair represents one of the most well-known and loved events of Veronafiere that firmly links it to its history and territory. This year means for all of us a restart, a further step towards the return to normality. During the lockdown, in fact, we faced the design challenge that involved the concept of returning to ‘doing fair’ in total safety. With the 123th Fieracavalli https://fieracavalli.it/en/ we know that we have made a great commitment to the equestrian world, because this exhibition is its “home”, it belongs to all its protagonists and has represented them for more than 120 years. And it is with this spirit that we have created an edition with an innovative format to give a concrete hand to the recovery of the sector, promoting and enhancing, as always, the figure of the horse as an element of passion and economic activity “.