33th International Book Fair in Turin

33th International Book Fair
[:it]33th Salone Internazionale del Libro[:en]33th International Book Fair[:]

The 33th International Book Fair is also back in attendance, which from 14 to 18 October will be in Turin in Halls 1, 2, 3 and Oval of Lingotto Fiere, as well as in the spaces of the Lingotto Congress Center.

The 33rd edition of the event will have “Supernova Life” as its theme. A Dantesque reference that contains a play on words indicative of the period we are experiencing. That is, the supernova is a star that explodes with an energy that can be useful or destructive and a light that can blind or illuminate.
The post Covid-19 world is an unknown factor to be deciphered. It will take a far-sighted look to build a future worth living in. There will be a need for courage, intelligence, a sense of responsibility, imagination.
And the 33th International Book Fair is a laboratory of ideas, where these issues will find space for debate. Because in one of the most uncertain and complicated periods, the book proved to be a solid landing, offering to readers of all ages comfort, reflection, consolation, company.

And it is precisely a supernova ridden by Artemis, goddess of moonlight and personification of the independent and warrior female spirit, the protagonist of the manifesto of this edition of the International Book Fair. This was illustrated by Elisa Seitzinger, visual artist and professor of morphology and dynamics of form at the European Institute of Design in Turin.

33th International Book Fair, full of news

It will therefore be a “super-new” event, which returns with the usual offer but with renewed attention to safety, spaces, sustainability, digitalization.
Starting from the online ticket office on salonelibro.it, to get to the booking of part of the events, which from this year will be possible thanks to the SalTo + platform.
In addition to a series of ad hoc measures in terms of spacing, ventilation, flow control, extension of corridors and both internal and external spaces.
The overall surface area of ​​the 33th Turin International Book Fair has been extended with four new rooms in the spaces of the Congress Center. These include the 600-seat Auditorium and a total of eight new conference rooms, one of which, the Sala Bianca, in the space outside Pavilion 3, as well as the SalTo Live stage, in the square of the Oval.
The outdoor food area has also been expanded and access to the event has been increased and relocated to allow for better management of flows.
Another novelty of the 33rd International Book Fair is the introduction of a Business Center dedicated to publishers, so that they can organize appointments and business meetings in safety, separated from the exhibition area.