40th Mercanteinfiera, the autumn appointment is back

40th Mercanteinfiera
[:it]40th Mercanteinfiera[:]

The autumn appointment with the 40th Mercanteinfiera is back, which will celebrate the 2021 edition from 2 to 10 October at Fiere di Parma.
On an area of ​​40 thousand square meters, among 1000 exhibitors distributed in five pavilions of Fiere di Parma, the appointment dedicated to antiques, modern antiques, historical design and vintage collecting with fashion, accessories and jewelry returns from 2 to 10 October.
A Wunderkammer, or rather a huge chamber of wonders in which to immerse yourself in the search for unique and rarities, as the 5 thousand buyers who arrive every year from all over the world know well. Visitors and exhibitors from all over Europe, but also from the United States and Russia are particularly expected at this 40th Mercanteinfiera.

Historical ties and videogames

Two collateral programs are scheduled for this year: one dedicated to the tie and the other to old-time video games.
The first exhibition is entitled “The backbone of a man. History of the tie ”and tells the many curiosities to discover this accessory.
The exhibition in the 40th Mercanteinfiera is organized in collaboration with the Silk Museum, the Setificio Foundation, the Allievi Setificio Association, Confartigianato Como, the Italian Association of Textile Designers and Confindustria Como.
The collateral, with its 40 ties on display, is intended as a tribute to a “cult” accessory that, between ups and downs, has dominated the male wardrobe undisturbed for centuries. Drawings, sketches, jacquard paper, dies, ties of different shapes and sizes for every occasion and celebration are the heart of the collateral.

The second collateral of the 40th Mercanteinfiera is “Back to the games” and sees among the most important pieces one of the rarest consoles, the Virtual Boy.
This is a turn-of-the-millennium flop for Nintendo. It was in fact the “least portable” portable console ever. But in the exhibition, in collaboration with the Videogame Archive of the Cineteca di Bologna Foundation and the Bologna Nerd Association, there will be many pieces to try.
Like the Atari 2600, and the great classics Asteroids and Space Invaders of the 70s, the Commodore 64 with Paperboy or the NES with Super Mario Bros. from the 80s and the Playstation of the 90s, up to the Xbox of 2000.
The exhibition, divided into a four-station itinerary (corresponding to the aforementioned decades), is not only a story of technology, but also of society with the changes that consoles and computers brought in the way of entertaining us but (also) in the spaces of our houses.