Filo 2021, the September edition kicks off

Filo 2021
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The Filo 2021 event will be inaugurated tomorrow 29 September to end on 30 September at MiCo Milano Convention Center. The international exhibition of yarns and fibers for orthogonal and circular knitting weaving and for technical property of the Biellese Industrial Union.
Each year the Milanese exhibition, born in 1994, is divided into two editions, in February and September, again in Milan, presenting a wide range of yarns destined for the top of the range.

Exhibitors and visitors

In the last editions of Filo 2021 there were about 100 exhibitors, of which 70% came from Italy and the remaining 30% from Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Turkey, Slovenia, Egypt, China and India, countries where the textile industry is highly developed.
The yarns on display are made with particular attention to quality, research and development of a product of excellence and the sustainability of production processes.
As for visitors – constantly growing – 33% come from Europe and Asia, Japan and Korea in particular.

The “FiloFlow” project is back

Filo 2021 is the only international fair organized in Italy specifically dedicated to high-end weaving yarns.
For several editions, in collaboration with Ice-Agency and Sistema Moda Italia, a specific project has been developed to welcome delegations of foreign buyers from countries of particular interest to exhibitors at the fair.
The upcoming project is designed in such a way as to allow the real meeting of a highly professional demand with an offer of the highest quality.

Over the years, the show has built a close collaboration with Sistema Moda Italia. The aim is to strengthen cohesion along the textile-clothing supply chain.
Since 2018, the same approach to strengthening the supply chain has led the Milanese fair to be present in the Trends Area of ​​Milano Unica with high-impact installations.
The decision to reserve a part of the Filo 2021 exhibition space for a selected group of companies in the textile finishing sector, and in particular dry cleaners, also fits into this perspective. This allows us to offer Italian and foreign buyers who visit this edition a complete picture of the possible textile solutions that can be obtained starting from the excellent products on display.

The “FiloFlow” project was also launched in February 2019 to highlight exhibiting companies that adopt sustainable production processes. The initiative provides for the involvement of Filo 2021 exhibitors on a voluntary and self-certified basis and focuses on raw materials used, supply chain traceability, energy consumption, chemical management, waste management, environmental monitoring and involvement in ethical and social activities.