38th Macfrut edition: space for new start-ups

38th edizione Macfrut
[:it]38th edizione Macfrut[:]

The Undersecretary for Agricultural Policies, Francesco Battistoni, also visited on the first day of the 38th edition of Macfrut, which opened on 7 September at the Rimini Expo Center, where it will end on the 9th. At the same time, in the same spaces and with the same duration, is also holding Fieravicola edition 52 www.fieravicola.com.
Battistoni inaugurated the area dedicated to start-ups and young innovative companies present at the fair, together with Carlo Ferro, president of Ice-Agency, and Renzo Piraccini president of Macfrut.

“There is great positivity: occasions like these, in full compliance with health regulations, are of fundamental importance to plan the future and start together again, protecting the made in Italy. 38th edition Macfrut brings together all the fruit and vegetable sectors, focusing on the future, on internationalization and technological innovation. All these aspects together create the way towards a better quality agriculture ”, underlined the undersecretary.

Ferro is also of the same opinion, who together with Battistoni inaugurated the stands dedicated to youth businesses in the fruit and vegetable sector, highlighting the positive moment for Italian exports. “Italy recorded very positive performances. I point out the hypothesis that it could materialize with regard to tax incentives to help companies working abroad. One more reason to enhance the products of the territory “.

Ismea is committed to the growth of companies

Also as part of the 38th Macfrut edition dedicated to fruit and vegetables, the Ismea press conference was held, the Institute of services for the agricultural food market which presented “Ismea Investe”. This is a new financial instrument to support, with an investment of between 2 and 20 million euros, companies in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector that have a production or commercial development project.
The conference was also attended by the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Stefano Patuanelli,

“Ismea not only does market analysis, but also accompanies the growth of companies. A deeply felt problem is that of undercapitalization which represents a brake on investments. It therefore intercepts the need and evaluates which companies to accompany to help them grow. It is a way to remove pebbles from the gear instead of putting them on. This is a sector that has always been more conservative because it is linked to stories and traditions, but I see the ferment and desire for innovation that is bringing investments. It is our duty to make life easy for those who want to invest. We must trust more entrepreneurs who want to get involved and free the field from the bureaucracy that has plastered the country ”, declared the minister.