CFI post lockdown: calendar of international trade fairs

CFI post lockdown
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CFI post lockdown has published on the website the official calendar of national and international trade fairs dedicated to industrial sectors and organized in person and safely in the second half of the current year.

Sixty-one events in total, of which 54 international and 7 national.

A program shared with Cibus 2021, in Parma from 31 August to 3 September, to end with Eicma, from 25 to 28 November in Milan-Rho, and International Zootechnical Fairs http: // www / (in Cremona from 26 to 28 November).

The CFI post lockdown Statistical Observatory has detected the results recorded by the 67 fairs in their most recent edition prior to the pandemic, to evaluate the results that will emerge after the resumption of trade fairs in 2021 and 2022.
The analysis highlighted how the events achieved significant results overall: 43,321 exhibitors (33.6% from abroad); 3,588,074 visitors (35.1% from abroad;) 2,068,676 sqm. of net exhibition areas.

Numbers that certify the degree of internationality of the trade fairs reserved for industrial sectors and the value of the Italian trade fair proposal worldwide.

“Our sectoral fairs are, and will continue to be, an irreplaceable tool for the development of exchanges and for the promotion and success of Made in Italy in the world, characterized by high levels of creativity, originality and quality” he declared in a note Massimo Goldoni, president of the Industrial Fairs Committee.
Goldoni also underlines that the State “lacks a fair policy plan as an irreplaceable tool to support the post-pandemic economic recovery and to support Italian companies in international competition”.

CFI post lockdown and requests to the government

The organizers draw the government’s attention to some top priority issues:

the reimbursement of the losses suffered following the cancellation or repositioning of the events by overcoming the constraints of the European State aid ceilings and evaluating the economic losses with reference to the results of the last event held in the pre-pandemic period, thus overcoming the discrimination recorded by the fairs biennial of even years and triennial fairs canceled in 2021.
To economically and fiscally facilitate the companies that participate in international fairs in Italy in 2021 and in the following two years.
Support the presence of professional visitors and exhibitors at Italian international fairs by activating the “green corridors” outside the EU and recognizing European green passes.
Regulations for exceptions to the 120-hour stay in Italy for those attending trade fairs.
Reactivate the promotional projects for the fairs provided for by the Pact for Export of 6 June 2020, with regard to the worldwide promotion of the 2022 calendars and activating system and promotion initiatives for Made in Italy through trade fairs.
Encourage the certification of Italian fairs for their correct classification.