International Asparagus Day debutta a Macfrut 2021  

International Asparagus Day  
[:it]International Asparagus Day  [:]

In anticipation of Macfrut 2021, the novelty relating to the International Asparagus Day (also known by the acronym IAD) was presented.
In fact, this year the event will take place for the first time simultaneously with Macfrut, from 7 to 9 September at the Rimini fair. An appointment at which 25 companies are expected, of which 30% foreign, which will participate and organize conferences, test fields and technical visits.

The International Asparagus Day dedicated to asparagus wants to confirm itself as a reference point for the sector worldwide with the aim of bringing information and innovations, especially in terms of cultivation techniques and the market, in order to bring production closer and closer. to consumption.

IAD is coordinated by Luciano Trentini with the scientific and technical support of Christian Befve, considered one of the world’s leading experts in the supply chain.

Companies and events

Among the 25 participating companies there will be a wide representation of the different links in the supply chain.
A supply chain that starts from the production and marketing of white and green asparagus, passing through the production of technical means, machinery and equipment for cultivation, seedlings, legs and seeds; from specific machines for asparagus conditioning and much more.

Within Macfrut, a test field will be set up in the International Asparagus Day area with dynamic demonstrations involving various companies including Bagioni, Zanarini, Engels, Forigo etc.
On the occasion of the IAD days, it will be possible to request specific guided visits to exhibitors.

Precisely to promote knowledge of this cultivation, two afternoon conference sessions have been planned starting from Tuesday 7 September at 5 pm A choice that will allow participants to visit the salon and follow Christian Befve’s speech on the current topic of changes climatic and that of Julien Rocherieux on the creation of experimental fields for the evaluation of new cultivars.
On Wednesday 8 September the conferences at the International Asparagus Days will be held by Didier Duprat who will talk about the difficulties in finding manpower, especially in the harvesting and packaging operations. The related costs and the evolution of a mechanization capable of reducing the use of human labor will also be analyzed.