AssociazioneAefi applauds the green pass


AssociazioneAefi agrees with the Draghi government’s decision to introduce the green pass also in Italy. In fact, the Council of Ministers, which was held on 22 July, established new rules to counter the spread of the Delta variant.
So from 6 August the use of the Green pass will be mandatory to access the indoor tables of bars and restaurants, to access theaters, cinemas and museums, gyms and more generally to indoor sports, spas and swimming pools. Among the places forbidden to those who are not in possession of the document, there are also trade fairs.
The green pass will also be valid for those who have had only one dose of the vaccine, for those who underwent a tampon in the previous 48 hours and for those who recovered from Covid in the previous six months.
Due to expire on 31 July, the state of emergency was extended until 31 December.

This is the comment by Maurizio Danese, president of AssociazioneAefi: “We share the decision of President Draghi and the Council of Ministers to extend the mandatory nature of the green pass for access to Italian trade fairs. A solution hoped for by most of the fair organizers, exhibitors and foreign buyers about to participate in the 335 events scheduled between now and the end of the year “.

From August, therefore, the trade fairs, already regulated by safety protocols validated by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, will be even safer. “We hope – concluded the president of AssociazioneAefi – that this additional measure will help make the health corridors provided for foreign buyers easier and thus allow Made in Italy companies to return to the exhibition business, which is worth around 60 billion euros every year. EUR”.

The new Covid decree will be open to the changes that Parliament decides to adopt. Doors therefore open to the possibility of making corrections to the decree based on the progress of the infections.