Caccia Pesca Natura Digital, new virtual showcase

Caccia Pesca Natura Digital
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From May 28th Caccia Pesca Natura Digital is online, forum and virtual showcase of products, equipment and services for hunting and sport fishing.

This is a new project by Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, realized with the significant contribution of the Province of Belluno.

As explained by the president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati, “A forum, but also a showcase of products, equipment and services for hunting and sport fishing, open to companies wishing to take advantage of it because when we come back in attendance, this digital experience will be reused as a complementary tool to the show in presence. In the most complex and important fairs, we also plan to activate a product sales promotion service for digital exhibitors, not only during the days of the fair, but for the whole of the following year. These tools can therefore become useful to give an extra service to our companies ».

Forum and product showcase are developed through a dedicated website where, starting from the home page, it is possible to navigate in the sections “Showcase, companies introduce themselves”, “Hunting and Nature”, “Fishing and Nature”. Within the three thematic areas, important topics for the fishing-hunting world are discussed, in addition to the presentation of the various districts of the province, the fishing basins. There is also the part dedicated to conferences and technical interventions. Operators in the sector and hunting and fishing enthusiasts will be able to participate in the online events of Caccia Pesca Natura Digital, share experiences, compare themselves with specific contents offered through recorded videos, video conferences, illustrative cards.

They will be able to keep in touch with the exhibiting companies through the “Showcase” section where the contacts of the most relevant exhibitors will be inserted.

The Provincial Councilor with responsibility for Hunting and Fishing, Franco De Bon, in retracing the birth of the new Caccia Pesca Natura Digital, from the dawn of Villa Pat, the first venue of the Cacciatore Festival, highlighted how the comparison between the Province and Longarone Fairs allowed us to “fully understand that these two activities, hunting and fishing, are possible if there is a nature that is managed correctly. This year the most important and stimulating theme, at the request of the users themselves, will be training “.

The event on Thursday 3 June at 3 pm will be dedicated to training, which will kick off the conference activities of the Forum.