Pitti Filati 2021 inaugura gli eventi fiorentini

Pitti Filati 2021
[:it]Pitti Filati 2021[:]

A new location for the 89th edition of Pitti Filati 2021. It will in fact be the Stazione Leopolda to host the event that will be staged from 28 to 30 June, anticipating the events of Pitti Uomo and Bimbo and thus reflecting the seasonality of the yarns that precedes six months for the finished product.

In terms of novelty, the connection with the digital world will also be strong. Starting from 7 June, Pitti Filati 2021 will be on the Pitti Connect platform and on the community’s social channels, with in-depth information dedicated to the brands, style paths and real-time updates.

The trends for autumn / winter 2022-2023 will be staged at the Florentine event under the fil rouge of “Transformer”.

According to the organizers, transformation is something highly energetic, difficult to summarize in a few words, a concept inherent in life, nature, biology, mathematics and sport. A change of state to be grasped and told through three moments and three aspects that are particularly significant in this moment.

In other words, the transformation of the body, the transformation of spaces, the transformation of objects, intended as devices for daily living.

Pitti Filati 2021: the transformation of the body

The body and its entirety of matter and spirit are the tool with which we experience reality in everyday life. The body is transformed during life and history. As society has changed from solid to fluid and from fluid to gaseous, the body has also changed form and expression through its representation in the visual arts. While waiting to understand what form it will take this time, the energy and elusive transformation of the current context will be told through the image.

Pitti Filati 2021: the transformation of spaces

The perception of the environment and spaces has also changed. The distinction between home and office has been canceled out like that between home and gym, between home and cinema, between home and shop. In this theme, the idea of ​​space merges with that of the body, giving life to an idea of ​​architectural and spatial fashion, in close symbiosis with the environment in which we live or find ourselves. The sweater enters more and more insistently in the design of interiors and objects, precisely because of its adaptability and transformability.

Pitti Filati 2021: the transformation of objects

The transformation of spaces and the interpenetration between space and body lead to the transformation of the objects we use in everyday life. The objects that furnish the houses will be multifunctional and will take into account the different needs that will have to be fulfilled during the day. The living room furniture will become, after breakfast, the office and after the gym office. The garments will be transformable in a similar way. The same boss will allow you to participate in a video conference and practice fitness immediately after or between calls.