PNRR 2021: funding to participate in fairs and exhibitions

PNRR 2021
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PNRR 2021: to support the internationalization processes of companies, the terms for the presentation of applications relating to new subsidized and non-repayable loans for internationalization, for participation in fairs and exhibitions and for the creation of commerce.The loans, which fall within the group of measures / incentives, refer to seven instruments made available by the Government with the new PNRR 2021 – National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

With regard to the last of the seven instruments listed, it must be said that it is a subsidized and non-repayable loan to support participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, business missions / promotional events and system missions, including virtual ones, to promote your business in foreign markets or in Italy (only for international events).

All small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from it, both individually and in aggregate form. Other interested parties include the so-called “MidCaps”, or listed companies characterized by a medium capitalization, and large companies.The loan covers 100% of the expenses with the max. of 150,000.00 euros, while the non-repayable grant reaches up to 50% of the amount of the investment combined with a subsidized loan for the remaining 50%.The amount of the subsidized loan may not exceed 15% of the revenues resulting from the last approved and filed financial statements of your company.The duration of the loan, which is calculated from the date of completion of the contract, is 4 years, of which one of pre-amortization – in which only interest will be paid – and 3 of amortization for the repayment of capital and interest. .

The capitalization in support of the exhibition system is also part of the PNRR 2021. This is a loan aimed at improving or maintaining the level of capital strength (ratio of equity / net fixed assets) at the time of the loan request (“entry level”).At the end of the pre-amortization period, the number of international events / fairs (recorded in the Aefi calendar) organized / hosted by the beneficiary company in the year preceding the submission of the application will also be verified. Objective: to confirm and or increase – at least in one year of the pre-amortization period – the number of international events and fairs organized or hosted by the beneficiary company.

The beneficiaries of the PNRR 2021 include trade fair organizations or companies that organize trade fairs of international importance, set up in the form of joint stock companies, which have filed at least two financial statements for two complete financial years with the Business Register. Necessary requirement to have organized or hosted in the 4 years prior to the date of submission of the application for funding at least one international event or fair, present in the Aefi calendar of international events. The maximum amount that can be financed is € 10,000,000, while the duration of the loan is 6 years, 2 of which are pre-amortization.