37th Macfrut in Rimini with a Special Edition

37th Macfrut
[:it]37th Macfrut[:]

The organizational machine of Cesena Fiera, organizer of 37th Macfrut, has never stopped. In fact, during these months there have been many virtual events to present the fair, which will be held in Rimini from 7 to 9 September.

Several interesting countries with 15 presentations in the last 3 months alone. These will be followed in the next few days by presentations that will involve Colombia (May 18), Chile (May 20) and Peru (May 24).

Renzo Piraccini, president of the international fruit and vegetable fair, underlined: “We are the first fair in attendance after a year and a half of stoppage. There is a great desire to restart and this is a great opportunity for the entire Italian fruit and vegetable supply chain to team up and restore momentum to the sector “.

Regarding the high number of online meetings focused on 37th Macfrut: “Paradoxically, the blocking of international travel has proved to be an opportunity to create a large number of virtual presentations. It would have been unthinkable, in fact, to carry out such a massive amount of events around the world in such a short time frame ».

And this is one of the aspects that will characterize the 37th Macfrut edition: the meeting between the virtual mode and the one in the presence of which there is a great desire as a signal of a return to “normality”.

“This situation has put the importance of human contacts back at the center, the need to resume relationships in presence. Over a year and a half of detention is a very long period. This is why Macfrut represents the ideal opportunity for a resumption of these relations given the reopening of the exhibition activity and the return of travel following the massive vaccination campaign “.

The ace in the hole is called Macfrut Special Edition, a format that combines the know-how of 37 trade fair editions for industry professionals with the pioneering experience of the web successfully tested in the first edition of Macfrut Digital.

“We are the only ones to have created a real digital fair dedicated to fruit and vegetables. Not a marketplace, but 3 days dedicated to sector business on a virtual platform. Now, we put this experience at the service of everyone, integrated with the event in person. Perhaps the horizontal fairs have had their day and area events will develop that know how to combine physical presence with the digital one for the connection with the most distant countries. Soon to draw conclusions, however, the signals that come to us go in this direction. 37th Macfrut is a great opportunity in this direction », concluded Renzo Piraccini.