CFI Industry: ok to the EU green digital certificate

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CFI Industry Fairs Committee underlined in a press release the importance of adopting the green digital certificate.

In fact, on April 29 the European Parliament accepted the proposal of the EU Commission on the adoption of the special certificate, created to allow safe travel within the Union.

A fundamental step for safe travel, especially for business and professional reasons. Now the goal is to get the go-ahead from the European Council by 1 June and encourage the timely adoption of the green digital certificate by national systems.

An experimentation is planned starting from 10 May in the context of 15 countries of the Union, to which the Italian government has given its support. This will allow the technical structure that will manage the digital tool to be already operational when, by 30 June, the formal phase of adoption of the digital certification will be completed.

With a view to the reopening of trade fair activities – scheduled for July 1 – in a press release, the CFI Committee for Industry Fairs provided that this measure could integrate and strengthen the so-called Green Corridors, activated by MAECI last autumn, to encourage business travel.

The European certification is particularly important for international trade fairs dedicated to the B2B industrial sectors, guaranteeing the physical presence of exhibitors and professional visitors to the events, as well as of all trade fair service personnel.

How the green digital certificate works

Valid in all EU member countries, the green digital certificate certifies that a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19; or got a negative result for the text; or, alternatively, she recovered from Covid-19.

Responsible for its release are national authorities. The digital version can be saved on a mobile device, but citizens can also request a paper version.

Both versions are free and will have a QR code containing essential information and a digital seal to guarantee the authenticity of the certificate.

The digital certificate green  will help ensure that the restrictions currently in place can be lifted in a coordinated way.

When traveling, all EU citizens or third-country nationals residing or legally residing in the EU in possession of a digital green certificate should be exempted from the restrictions on free movement in the same way as citizens of the visited Member State.