17th MarcabyBolognaFiere postponed to January 2022

17th MarcabyBolognaFiere
[:it]17th MarcabyBolognaFiere[:]

From a comparison between the organizers of 17th MarcabyBolognaFiere – BolognaFiere in collaboration with the Modern Distribution Association – and the exhibitors, the postponement of the 2021 edition was decided. At the same time, the best date for the event was identified.

The exhibitors preferred the January 2022 option. A date on which, on the one hand, the certainty of the consolidation of the effects of vaccination campaigns and, on the other, the repositioning of 17th MarcabyBolognaFiere in the period most functional to the participating companies for planning of commercial strategies.

«The trade fair system is among the most affected by the pandemic – commented the decision by the president of BolognaFiere Gianpiero Calzolari -. Despite this, we reacted by proposing new digital formats to ensure alternative business tools to events in the presence. We believe it is essential, hoping for a return to normality, that every decision regarding the conduct of events arises from sharing the objectives with our exhibitors and operators. 17th MarcabyBolognaFiere is aimed at companies that have been able to cope with an unpredictable situation and are the protagonists of a strategic event for the promotion of made in Italy. We are confident that the repositioning in January 2022 is the best solution for the restart, at full speed, of the business and to support the attention trend of international operators increasingly projected to develop commercial collaborations with Italian companies that will thus have more time. to better organize participation “.

Statement also confirmed by Marco Pedroni, president of ADM: “Positioning 17th MarcabyBolognaFiere in January 2022 seemed to us to be the best solution to allow participating companies to concentrate their efforts now on managing the emergency still in progress and foresee the restart on that date. We are comforted by the fact that the digital session held in March gave excellent results for the participation of operators, both MDD partners and distributors; this reaffirms the growing importance that the retailer brand has on the market and the need to continue its innovation and development work “.