Italy, the reputation according to Zwan and SEMrush


At this moment the world is looking carefully at Italy ‘s provisions on the fight against Covid-19, with our country perceived as an example to follow, the first in the world for its reputation in managing the pandemic emergency. A sentiment highlighted by the investigations conducted by Zwan (, reputation marketing agency, and SEMrush, SaaS platform for managing online visibility.

Although the two studies have examined different parameters, both have come to the same conclusion: Italy ‘s reputation – both among its citizens and between foreign states – will be strengthened. With the various socio-economic measures implemented since last month, Italy is dictating the pace of the fight against the pandemic, drawing up internationally emulated guidelines. South Korea and Estonia follow.

The Italian reputation has grown in reference to leadership, closely linked to Prime Minister Conte; good results also in terms of governance, for the social and political management of the emergency, and for Italian public health, free and open to all.

As far as performance is concerned, despite the initial situation and Italy ‘s strong indebtedness to support the economy, this did not have a particularly negative impact on the Italian financial reputation. Finally, for stakeholders,the international institutions and the citizens themselves have recorded a substantial improvement in reputation.

Now more than ever, citizens entrust their thoughts to social media. To identify the general sentiment, 14,599 (Italy) and 1,161 (in English) tweets shared between February 28 and March 28 were examined. A general positive sentiment invades the bulletin boards, especially as regards sharing in English (41.09% positive, 20.50% neutral), while among the tweets in Italian, a more neutral attitude prevails, but the positives are, however, triple of negative posts (50.30% neutral, 36.76% positive, 12.94% negative). For the tweets in Italian, the most used hashtags refer to the virus and restrictions, but there is also a certain optimism, with 504 posts marked with the hashtag #andratuttobene.

Even the most frequent emojis have positive connotations, including applause (1,686), thumbs up of approval (328) and hearts (2,006), Italian flags and acronyms (663). Looking at the posts in English, there is once again an interest in our country. The hashtag #Italy is used more frequently (484 tweets) than #coronavirus (369). Italy is also the most used word in English tweets in the reference period, 1,456 times, compared to 165 in China. Here too, Italian flags and acronyms are used very often (106), while the symbols referring, for example, to the United States are just 12. Hearts also mark 100 anglophone post, symbolizing the hope of users that soon we can return to normal .