Covid 19 and corporations: what is going to change

Covid 19
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Deloitte presents the report “Covid 19 Il cambio di paradigma per le aziende private” with the goal of sharing competence and expertise with the Italian companies that have to react to this global emergency. This analysis considers six key areas for the response to this crisis. These areas derived from the Deloitte’s international experience and they are deepened for the Italian dynamics.

The management of the crisis and to develop resilience also after the emergency

Manage the crisis and develop resilience even after the emergency ends Before the spread of Covid 19, company out of 
two, before this crisis, both in Italy and in Europe stated that the risk management was widespread internally. 
The main identified risks were of an operational nature, and they were perceived as the most concrete and the most 
important for the business.

Being ready to a new era of smart working

The first reaction of the companies during this pandemic has been the introduction of the smart working. This is what has been confirmed by the 82% of the companies that took part to the Deloitte’s survey. In order to do this the companies adopted online means (67%) or they had to make their services available in some already existing platform (59%). We have to read the forecasts about a cost increase for the technologies to support also videoconferences, in order to ease the communication inside the company.

How to ensure the business continuity and the financial solidity

The worsening of the business performances is sure for many companies both in Italy and elsewhere. The estimation is that the 20% of the companies worldwide already have liquidity issues that are jeopardizing the business continuity. This percentage is going to increase if there won’t be any improvements in this situation.

How to limit the impact of this crisis on the supply chain

The global and hyperconnected nature of the supply systems made them more and more vulnerable to extern shocks, so they are exposed to bigger risks and now there is no margin for error in case of delay or in case of interruptions of the chain. Worldwide the 75% of the companies had already suffered the impact of this pandemic in their supply chains due to logistical restrictions linked to the Covid 19 epidemic. “

The digitalization: how to renovate the business and the relationships with customers

There is an important focus on the growing demand for digital services and digital products. During the second week of lockdown in Italy an increase of the 147% has been registered for the online shopping, compared to the previous week. Before the crisis the accessibility was already a key factor in the choice of the product, in fact one consumer out of two considered this aspect very important to choose between two equal products at the same price.