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CWS Digital Solutions: the fact that everything is going to change is clear for 2 months. Almost all the sectors, including the trade fair one, have been invested by the Covid-19 tsunami. Many important manifestations, such as Salone del Mobile and Vinitaly, have been postponed to the next year, while others, like Bologna Children Book Fair, will be online.

At the moment many commercial activities, like museums, restaurants and shops, are trying to re-invent their business model and their digital communication strategies in order to face both the lockdown and the next phase. The exhibit design will have to understand the changes in order to develop new projects, without losing the value of the experience and the sustainability of the sector.

Among the many proposals the CWS Digital Solutions ( one deserve a mention. The company, provider of solutions for the digital evolution for enterprises, wants to give some advices for the preparation for the phase 2, where the access to spaces will be step by step and controlled. An innovative approach for the projecting of the spaces and experiences will be necessary.

The exhibit design onlife is a solution where the digital technologies, the AI and Internet of Things integrate with strategies of multimedia set up and digital communication, in order to create more immersive environments. According to CWS with the usage of smart digital signage systems, such as Livion, it will be possible to monitor accesses and consumptions, to guarantee the efficiency of the spaces and of the social distancing, that is indispensable.

Thanks to these systems it will be possible to drive people to the places less crowded and to manage the lines. The people will go to waiting rooms where the personalized offer in the screen will make the public take advantage of downtime.

Luca Passini, ceo of CWS Digital Solutions, stated: “We’re working for years in the exhibit sector with many important and international projects, such as Vanke pavilion, padiglione del Vino at Expo 2015, and collaborations with Verona Fiere, Salone del Mobile in Milan and Museo Storico Alfa Romeo. This activity let us confront every day with architects and organizers of fairs, events and museums. In this way we can understand the emergent needs in order to purpose integrated solutions of technologies and design. The actual request is to give continuity online to exhibitions and events, thought to be experienced in a physical context. Our proposal wants to look forward to the future, we have called our new method exhibit design onlife. Onlife is a concept that fascinates us because it reminds the relationship between physical spaces, digital ones and technologies that allow to connect them. We’re working for years with the onlife approach to the setup of show, exhibitions, shops, offices and schools”.