Blogmeter investigates Italians and social networks


Blogmeter, through Blogmeter Suite, has activated the Observatory on “Italians and social media at Coronavirus time“, to understand the evolution of life (social and not) and consumption in the country.

According to the data emerged from the analysis carried out in the period 8 – 11 March, when the hashtag #iorestoacasa was the most used with a recurrence of 131.5k compared to the hashtag #coronavirus, the reactions on social media have subverted those of the first days of the epidemic – the assault on supermarkets and goods such as sanitizing gels and masks – and have seen a positive transformation.

In fact, the analysis shows that solidarity, civil liability and the need to face up against the emergency, even in economic terms, prevail on social media. Starting from the list of 6 “things to do” to take the time during the quarantine with top of the list cooking.

In addition to the reactions of Italians on social media in the after the decree of 8 March and subsequent modifications, the Blogmeter Observatory has investigated on how this has had an impact on the consumption habits of Italians in forced isolation. Among the hashtags relating to purchases and consumption most mentioned by Italians in the period 12-15 March there are #food (5.2K) and #foodporn (5.1K), a figure that reflects the “passion for good food”. Do not underestimate the online entertainment of the Italians, who between streaming and Live Instagram, speak of Netflix (57% of the conversations relating to the theme), RaiPlay (16.5%) and Prime Video (11.7%).

The Italians and the post-Covid-19

Social media also discusses the future of the Italian economy, a topic for which Blogmeter has counted more than 230 thousand messages, analyzing online conversations on the economic situation between 10 and 18 March. It is interesting to note that the keywords most used by Italians on the subject reveal awareness of the challenge facing the economy of our country, among them: emergency, work,to work, close, crisis, continue. A reflection that goes beyond Italian borders and is part of discussions related to the role of the European Union and the European Central Bank.

Among the most debated topics on social networks, the one on smart working and how it has become part of our everyday life could certainly not be missing. Among the most significant values ​​recorded by the Blogmeter Observatory, the recurrence of the theme which, from March 10 to March 22, saw an increase of more than 325% in the total number of posts that mention the word under analysis and the relative comments compared to the previous 12 days, and which were mainly posted on Instagram.