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Bologna Children ’s Book Fair is now available also in its digital version. BolognaFiere, that organizes also Bologna Children’s Book Fair, announced it.  Children’s Book Fair is one of the main manifestations of the publishing business for children. Initially it was planned to be in March, but due to this pandemic situation, it will be in April 2021.

BolognaFiere decided to take the business online with its atmosphere, its contents and its chances, for all the professionals of the sector. They created a virtual Bologna Children ’s Book Fair that will be available from the 4th of May, with many activities that will last for the successive months.

Elena Pasoli, exhibition manager of  Children ’s Book Fair stated: “We feel the responsibility to cover our role as the main manifestation for the contents for children also in this situation and even though the fair has been cancelled. For these reasons we’re here in order to offer our online business platform and the best creative offer of the sector. We hope to enlarge the possible public of the beautiful work that publishers, agents, illustrators, authors and professionals of sector do”.

The centre of this virtual Bologna Children ’s Book Fair will be the hub Bologna Children’s Book Fair Global Right Exchange for the online exchange of the copyrights. It will be open all year long. This hub has been realized in collaboration with the platform PubMatch, that has the headquarter in the USA.

The complete program of the virtual events will be announced on the 23rd of April, in occasion of the World Book Day, and there will be a special digital exposition of children’s books dedicated to the reading pleasure.

Bologna Children ’s Book Fair doesn’t renounce to offer its best, even though it will be in a digital version. This offer unites practice services, international creativity and innovative stimulus in a homogeneous and coherent proposal. This offer made  Children’s Book Fair the main event of the sector worldwide.

The digital platform will allow the almost 1500 exposers registered for Bologna Children’s Book Fair to introduce their titles, and also to make and receive offers and to plan videoconferences with the other registered participants. Publishers and literary agents that participated at the 2019 edition and that were already registered for this edition will be able to enter the platform.

A new part of the platform, that includes the website, social medias and the app, will develop in a dedicated blog with updated information about Bologna Children ’s Book Fair. This information will concern events, appointments, interviews, headings, links and main articles. There will be also a digital version of Mostra Illustratori, freely available for the visitors from May 4th to 7th, and of Muro degli Illustratori, included in the online offer with the virtual Illustrators Survival Corner.