Air Motor Show returns to Milan and Monza

Milano Monza Open
[:it]Milano Monza Open[:]

Milano Monza Open -Air Motor Show ( will be back at Autodromo di Monza and it will be from the 29th of October to the 1st of November. Here the automotive brands will show their new products for 2020.

The president Andrea Levy stated: “We hope that at the beginning of October the rhythms will be normal and we want to be the occasion to relaunch the automotive sector. In accordance with Aci and Aci Milano, Comune di Milano, Regione Lombardia and Comune di Monza we’ll work to make the manifestation a good signal of relaunch. We hope it will include the whole territory, not only the automotive sector. The event will be on 4 days and it’s characterised by dynamic shows, also thanks to the path of the parade that will pass through the public and thanks to the innovative usage of the racetrack”.

Milano Monza Open -Air Motor Show, also in its autumnal version, will be the representation of a new way to organize and conceive a motor show. The spotlight will be on its dynamic soul and on turned upside down way of introducing the news by the automotive brands. The peak of the event will be the President Parade on the Monza racetrack on the 29th of October. This will be the parade of all previews and it will be also protagonist of a dedicated tv program.

At the Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show the exponents of the automotive sector will be able to meet each other during meetings, conventions and summit both in person and in streaming, in order to reach a wider public.

Milano Monza Open -Air Motor Show becomes a dynamic hub that will give to journalists, sportsmen, celebrities and influencers the chance to test the new products of the sector in an exclusive circuit, the “media drive circuit”. There will be 10 minutes to test the product on the Formula 1racetrack (motorway simulation), on the old ring high speed road (bumpy road), and on the boulevards of Monza park.

The possibility for the automotive brands to purpose their models to the public for test drive has been confirmed at Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show. There will be an entire area dedicated to electric and hybrid plug-in cars.

Milano Monza Open -Air Motor Show will also involve Milano city with events and expositions. An insight on the electric mobility, with a focus on full electric cars and hybrid plug-in ones, will be organised. Along the streets there will be platforms with prototypes, news and supercars and they will compose a sort of contemporary museum. This kind of museum will be in Duomo, CityLife, Parco Sempione, via Montenapoleone and corso Venezia, at the Aci Milano headquarter.