Eicma 2020 will be regularly in November

Eicma 2020
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Eicma 2020 is looking forward the next edition that will be from the 5th to the 8th of November, even if there already some controversies, like BMW and KTM that decided not to participate to Eicma 2020.

Paolo Magri, president of Confindustria Ancma (Associazione Nazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori) and councillor of Eicma Spa, stated about the choice of BMW and KTM: “It’s a legitimate decision that we respect, but we think that’s a little premature. This is a really difficult and dynamic moment and it requires cohesion and attention for the two wheels industry. For these reasons we’re already discussing with all the biggest national and international constructors, in order to analyse all the possible solutions. For the moment Eicma 2020 in confirmed, both for this year and for the next ones, in the usual dates in November”.

Meanwhile Eicma Spa nominated the new Management Board, since the previous one resigned before the natural end of the contract.

The new president of the society that organizes Eicma 2020 is the lawyer Pietro Meda. The other new members of the board are Paolo Magri (Brembo), Donatella Suardi (Scott), Stefano Giannotti (Kmi) and Fabrizio Corsi (Yamaha).

Eicma Spa has also commented the negative trend of the motorcycles market (-66%) in March. This is a preoccupant data, especially because it’s arrived from the +14,4% registered at the beginning of the year.

In the press release Paolo Magri stated: “All the two wheels sector, both the cycles and the motorcycles, including also all the accessories and helmets sectors, is suffering. Confindustria Ancma never stopped working and it’s always present in order to represent and defend the sector, both with Italian and European institutions. We’re always in touch with the institutions with the aim of programming both the present and the future, that will have to restart with an energy and a confidence as it had never been before”.

Magri also declared: “The day before the lockdown the motorcycles market was positive, with a growth of +2%, compared to the same period of the last year, the scooter registered a growth of 30%, while only the mopeds were having a negative trend (-7%). For these reasons we have to be positive and we want it, in spite of this pandemic situation”.