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Since the first days of the sanitary emergency Ente Fiere Promoberg made its exhibition spaces available to Associazione Nazionale Alpini and to the civil protection in order to realize in a few time a new hospital. This has been possible thank to hundreds volunteers and to a lot of companies that made available their work and their tools.

Ente Fiere Promoberg showed its great participation and also a very good competence, both the employees and the director, Carlo Conte. They all gave their best, both for the project and for the preparation of the new medical spaces.

Starting project: the changes

The hospital, in spite of the starting project, eliminated the tensile structures and it enlarged its surface and its range of action. Over the 6.500 square meters in the B pavilion destinated to emergency room, intensive therapy areas, hospitalization, shocking room, laboratories and triage, there are also 1.500 square meters of the central gallery and of cafeteria. There are also 1.000 square meters of the A pavilion, reserved to the technical access area, locker rooms (with many showers) and comfort spaces for the technical staff and the health workers. In the outside area of the B pavilion has been set up a heliport too.

Fabio Sannino, chairman of Ente Fiere Promoberg, that both supervised the proceedings and looked for synergies for this aim, said “Verified the fast and positive beginning of the proceedings I thought that would have been necessary to confront with Sergio Rizzini, chief medical officer of Ana, in order to understand the immediate and realistic goals to guarantee the start of the health activities. The exigence of rent a 16 strata TAC has emerged, in order to have an innovative and immediate diagnostic system, that is very important in this war against Covid-19. Starting from this there has been a consultation between the 19 associations partners of Ente Fiere Promoberg and the news arrived to some sensitive and altruistic businessmen.

Ente Fiere Promoberg will go on to promote and coordinate other solidarity and philanthropic initiatives. Whoever is interested is invited to follow the Facebook page “Fieri di Bergamo”, a network created by Ente Fiera Promoberg – Fiera Bergamo to spread the knowledge about solidarity initiatives for the territory, so hardly hit by this emergency.