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Inmediato Mediaplus, an agency of the Serviceplan group, sent a thought about the medical emergency we’re living and on its effects on media and business.

“The dark swan, the Covid-19 pandemic, revolutionized our daily routine, redefined our need, and had a massive impact on our wishes. It bended us, but it didn’t stop us: our work life moved from offices to our homes, but it’s still very vibrant.

In order to answer to our clients’ curiosity we of Inmediato Mediaplus created a report about the impact of Covid-19 on media and business. We did it with the integration of some researches published in the last period and developing specific analyses on the fruition of media (particularly web and tv) and the consumption trend (the digital ones in particular)”.

The main evidences of the “Covid-19, l’impatto del cigno nero 2020 su media e business” (Covid-19, the impact of the 2020 dark swan on media and business) report are:

The explosion of digital consumptions (from productivity to chat) with peaks of +50% in the sector of news and video.

The exploit of the e-commerce that increased of the 20%. The e-commerce values registered a positive trend since the emergency broke out, with a peak from the 8th to 10th of March. The number of users increased not very much, but there is an important growth of the revenues.

The 66% of the Italian people say that they’re worried about the situation. The 56% state they have hanged their lifestyle and daily routine. The general trend is to be prudent and to reduce social, cultural and individual behavior.

The biggest consequences concern cinemas, concerts, sport manifestations, theaters, restaurants; the travels decreased (both for work and pleasure) and the use of public transport. The first necessity goods don’t suffer the effects of the emergency. For what concern the other purchases almost 2 interviewed out of 3 by Inmediato Mediaplus they didn’t change their habits, while the others declare they reduced their shopping.

And what about companies? According to a research that includes the Confindustria partners, the 65% registered an impact on their activities, in the north of Italy the number of companies is even the 70%. The 99% of the registrants from the hotel industry perceived a negative impact. The 25% of the registrant companies didn’t suffer important damages or they think to be able to manage them; the 17% think that the damages are very important and that they will force them to reorganize of the business plan, while the 5% have been forced to use the layoff.

The power of the web that unites, and make viral the sense of responsibility show us another time the power of the influencer (at San Raffaele hospital there is a new intensive care area thanks to the crowd funding started by Chiara Ferragni and Fedez).

If you want to download and consult for free the paper of Inmediato Mediaplus follow this link: