Aefi: the sector need help from the Government


The Covid-19 pandemic is risking to destroy the Italian trade fair sector. This is what the associations of the sector are declaring, and one oh these is Aefi-Associazione Esposizioni e Fiere Italiane.

At the moment 138 events have been rescheduled, some of them in 2021, while 30 events have been deleted. The exhibitions are concentrated more in Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, but all the partners had to stop their activities.

As the representant of 36 national trade fair areas Aefi has elaborated some proposals in order to support its partners and all the sector. The proposals include a reimbursement of expenses for the missed earns caused by the deletion or the postponement of the events, and also an extension of 9 monts for the deadlines of taxes, the suspension of Decreto Legislativo 19 Agosto 2016 n.175, and in the end the moratorium on mortgages.

Giovanni Laezza, president of Aefi stated: “We sent a letter to the Government to ask the urgent activation of the national and European paths to obtain the approval of the European Commission a regime oh helps for the Governments that will let the trade fair sector protect the fair organizations in order to allow the immediate restart of the initiatives in favor of all the productive sectors”.

According to Aefi the funds allocated by Farnesina for the Piano Straordinario for the promotion of the made in Italy are useful for the foreign manifestations, thank to reimbursement of expenses already sustained for the deleted events or for the events to the Italian companies weren’t able to participate. Other promotional initiatives will be necessary when the sector will restart. The request of Aefi to start a process with the Government helps is in line with the Danish and the German experiences.

Italian exhibitions and women

The activities of Aefi don’t stop even in this period, actually on the 26th of March has launched a survey for the associates about the role of women in the trade fiar.

From the research the you can see that the pink quotes are well represented: the 52% of the fair resources applied in the fair activity are female people, while for what concern the managing positions the 38% are women. In the boards the women are the 30,43%. For the 30% of the associates of Aefi the female presence are less than 50%, for the 51,52% is between the 50% and the 70% and, in the end, for the 18,8% is more than 70%.

Conscious that a gender balance take to the business and that the positive contribute take to the working teams, some associated of Aefi activated many programs to valorize the female presence in companies, while others are going to activsate them.