CIBUS 2020 and the culture of healthy and green food

Cibus 2020
[:it]Cibus 2020[:]

From the 11th to the 14th of May, at Fiere di Parma, were 3000 exhibitors are expected to present new products to more than 80,000 commercial operators, including about 3 thousand top foreign buyers, Cibus 2020 will be inaugurated with an event dedicated to the comparison between the food industry and distribution to elaborate a strategy to relaunch internal food consumption, to consolidate the extraordinary qualitative and quantitative progresses of the agri-food chain.

Considering the dynamics that impact international markets, making them volatile, the revitalization of internal consumption and the research of new geographies for exports are decisive actions for the health of the sector. With this in mind, the Cibus 2020 strategy is to increasingly assume the role of booster of made in Italy food. A positioning which develops both by promoting new initiatives for the consolidation of the italian away from home (for example the new Flavor, in Florence from 4 to 6 October) both annualizing the event to encourage the assortment choices of national and international buyers

Fiere di Parma believes in the annualization project for which it has prepared a budget of over 5 million euros for the buyers’ incoming program, also based on the success seen by the Factory Tour program on the territory of the Emilian Food. And to develop this initiative, Cibus 2020 created the “Destination Manager” to make it replicate throughout the country, offering to top buyers, both Italian and foreign, a complete experience of Food Authentic Italian.

“Cibus 2020 is already the only major international fair that displays only Italian food products and its mission is also to act as a flywheel to increase internal consumption – said Antonio Cellie, CEO of Fiere di Parma – We continue to look at foreign markets, and indeed we have strengthened budgets and contents for the incoming of foreign buyers, but the serious problems which face international trade must orient ourselves towards a recovery of allowances in the national market. A strategy we’re going to develop with distribution and operators outside home ».

Cibus 2020 emphasizes its attention to support the expansion on international markets, also through the launch of M * EATING Italy at Expo Dubai 2020 (October 2020 – April 2021). A catering space where you can not only appreciate the best of the Italian kitchen and Made in Italy, but also to participate to a privileged stage for promoting the samples of Italian creativity.

At Cibus 2020, attention is also paid to green sustainability. The Cibus Innovation Corner will display the products selected by a pool of experts for innovative capacity in the enhancement of the territory, but also of the sustainability of the production chain. And there will be plenty of paths through the corridors of the fair that will guide the visitors towards Bio Free From and Vegan products.