SAIE Bologna: the construction industry exhibited

SAIE Bologna
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The new edition of SAIE Bologna, introduced to the press during the last week, will be on October 21st to 24th at BolognaFiere.

There will be 4 main thematic areas that will host expositions, workshops, meetings and demonstrative activities: Progettazione e Digitalizzazione; Edilizia; Impianti; Servizi. Every event will answer to the operators’ exigencies offeing both an expositive part and formative activities like demonstrations, workshops and meetings.

In 2020 transformations in the construction world have shifted the focus on the integrations building-system. Following the new rules about the energetic efficiency every element has to be integrated in order to create a fluid and continuous process, without any interruptions. This has an important impact on the optimization of the production costs, management of all the buildings. This is a fundamental concept for the future of the industry and that will be one of the 2 main protagonists of SAIE Bologna, with the technological innovation.

“The driving role of the construction sector for the economy of he country – Antonio Bruzzone, general manager of BolognaFiere, said – requires great attention from the exhibition organizers. It’s fundamental that each exhibition of this sector give to the operators and to the professionals of this sector a wide knowledge about innovations, materials, solutions and technological innovations useable. SAIE Bologna 2020 will be the chance to look forward to the future of constructions promoting the innovations and a new culture that focuses the energetic efficiency and the sustainability.

The welfare of the constructions sector

The constructions sector counts 763.700 active industries and 1.490.000 workers. In 2018 the sector has had an increase of its economic value (+1,7%) and the estimates for 2019 follow the trend (+2,3%). The previews for 2020 are so optimistic (+1,7%).

At SAIE Bologna Federcostruzioni sustain that the driving activities of the sector are the redevelopment of residential areas and the ones about the services sector. After the historical low in 2013 the sale are constantly growing, in 2019 there have been 603 thousands transactions (+54% from 2013). The restructurings generated an economic value of 47 billions of euros (+0,7% in 2019) the new constructions are the sector that grow the most, with an economic value of 17,5 billions of euros (+5,4%).

In 2020 there will be another input from the incentives and from the deductions of bonus casa previewed for the restructurings (Bonus Facciate, Ecobonus, Sismabonus, etc.).