Lineapelle 98, trends of summer 2021

Lineapelle 98
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From 19th to 21st February, in the spaces of Fieramilano Rho, opens the doors to proposals for the summer season 2021 of Lineapelle 98 a global reference event for the fashion and luxury chain that this edition presents to the market with a series of contents all to be discovered. Lineapelle 98 will be 1,200 exhibitors among tanneries and manufacturers of accessories, components, fabrics and synthetic for all the manufacture of luxury, fashion, design, automotive, furnishings. Coming from more than 40 countries, they represent the widest, complete and transversal range of products available on the market. An offer that satisfies every creative and productive need of its buyers and represents the top in terms of quality and performance, sustainability and service. As far as the number of linear buyers 98 is concerned, it is expected to receive about 20,000, coming from more than 100 countries. Linepelle 98 is held during a week “very hot”, under the exhibition and fashion profile for Milan. On the same days and in the adjacent pavilions in fact will take place Simac tanning Tech, technology show for tannery, footwear and leather goods and, with a day (Wednesday, February 19) of concomitance with Micam (footwear) and Mipel (leather goods), scheduled at Fieramilano Rho from 16 to 19 February. Linepelle 98 is a creative construction site that opens the horizon to the trends of the near future and showcases more than 2,000 samples of its exhibitors within three Trend Areas thematic (pad. 13-9-22). This edition, in particular, explores the stylistic trends for the summer season 2021, developed by Comitato Moda Lineapelle, and summarized in the concept “The Era of simplifying”. Lineapelle 98 enters the city and organizes from 19 to 29 February, at the Spazio Lineapelle of Palazzo Gorani (behind Piazza Affari) the exhibition project “Questione di Pelle”. Curated by journalist Mariella Milani, with the artistic direction of Simone Guidarelli (and in collaboration with iTalents), the event will showcase unique pieces created by a master of style such as Gianfranco Ferrè and creations of designers of the present. Absolute protagonist: the skin. The objective is to educate and spread a new awareness on the skin” and on all its natural, circular and sustainable characteristics, thus strengthening the sense of the global communication campaign launched by UNIC– Italian tanneries and based on the concept: Real Leather is Real sustainability. Lineapelle 98 is an event with an innovative and sustainable vision. And he remembers it collaborating with UNIC – Concerie Italiane at the organization of the debate “Leather Supply Chain commitment to sustainability: traceability and Animal Welfare”. It will take place on 19 February (at 14.30, LEM conference room on Ponte dei Mari) and is proposed as a moment of deepening and debate on a key issue for the tanning industry.

Leather line 98 in brief

Opening: from 19th to 21st February

Location: Fieramilano Rho, SS del Sempione 28