Fieragricola 2020, focus on Africa and Croatia

Fieragricola 2020
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Fieragricola 2020, international exhibition of agriculture starting in Verona from Wednesday, January 29 to Saturday, February 1, is among the most important in the European panorama and shows growing numbers. This year in fact there will be 10 pavilions occupied, 900 exhibitors (+8.2% on the 2018 edition), a net surface of 67,600 square meters net (+18.7%), two outdoor demo areas of 9,500 square meters set up for special shows, 800 heads of livestock on display (+14.3%)more than 130 conferences, in-depth studies and training courses scheduled for the four days of the event. Fieragricola 2020 thus reconfirms the transversal format, which professionally develops the pillars of the event, pursuing the innovation asset as a tool to foster growth and competitiveness in the primary sector. «Fieragricola 2020 sets the spotlight, in particular, on the major challenges to which agriculture is called to respond, starting with the Green Deal presented by the EU Commission chaired by Ursula von der Leyen, which also involves the agricultural system in an articulated manner, as stated by the president of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese –. achieving climate neutrality by 2050 requires joint global efforts and a clear commitment from all actors in the agricultural sector in terms of combating climate change, biodiversity, agroecology, support for renewable energies and circular ecology, according to the EU project “Far to Fork”. The appointment in Verona wants as always to offer ideas for reflection and practical solutions to accompany the entrepreneurial world and the agro-zootechnical sectors towards environmental, economic and social sustainability». The inaugural convention, sir. In this perspective the inaugural conference, scheduled for January 29, focuses on “agribusiness in Africa and trade relations with the EU and Italy: opportunities and perspectives”. In 2018, according to Ice-Agenzia, Italy exported a total of EUR 5.46 billion to 49 countries in sub-Saharan Africa compared to the previous year’s figure of 5.08 billion. Data for 2019 (January-May) show an increase of 6.2% on a trend basis. Croatia is the host country of Fieragricola 2020 with a dedicated area to promote its system. The official visit of the Croatian Minister of Agriculture, Marija vučković, who heads the EU Council of Agricultural Ministers in the Croatian Presidency in Europe in the period January-June 2020, is planned. Milk Day also returns to Fieragricola 2020, which addresses the issue of training farmers to develop the farm’s dairy business, starting with milk quality. Another important theme at Fieragricola 2020 is the circular economy and renewable energies, in light of the enormous potential that the agricultural sectors can develop: from the lorization of livestock waste to renewable energies, to reuse, reduce waste and exploit waste.

Fieragricola 2020 in brief

Opening: 29th January to 1st February

Location: Fiera di Verona, viale del Lavoro 8

Hours: from 9,00 to 18,00

Ticket: for one ticket 21 euro to the cashier, 16 euro online; subscription 34 euro to the cashier, 26 euro online

Organizers: Veronafiere