Fiere Industrie Committee makes the 2019 consumptive

Fiere Industrie Committee
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CFI, Fiere Industrie Committee in support of the Italian trade fair sector, has released a communication in which it makes the point on a 2019 not particularly bright for the national trade fair sector. The year just ended, emphasized the CFI, was characterized not only by an economic stagnation, but also by a weak dynamics of international trade and a less dynamic export growth compared to the previous year. The year 2019 also saw a modest expansion in consumption, accompanied by growing global tensions. In this context also the performance of the 68 trade fairs of the CFI members, organized during 2019, has suffered consequences. As first evaluation of the statistical data arrived from the associates Fiere Industrie Committee makes to record some trends to take in consideration, even if not definitive. For what concerns exhibitors – stresses CFI – there was a total increase of 4%, where the growth of Italian presences is 3% and of foreign ones of 7%. On the visitor side there is a situation substantially “flat” with 2.6 million visitors, with Italians increased by 5%, while those arriving from abroad fell by 9%. A decrease that has been recorded in particular in the events that have taken place in the second half of the year because of the critical economic and geopolitical. In any case, the internationality rate of Fiere Industrie Committee trade fairs has remained significant: 37% for exhibitors and 25% for visitors. The sale of exhibition areas is stable with 1.65 million square meters and an average employment of 41.5 square meters for exhibitors, confirming a trend recorded in the last 5 years. The analysis of Fiere Industrie Committee concludes with the invitation to a more careful monitoring of the world evolution of the system aimed at the initiation of a trade fair policy that highlights the role of trade fairs to implement an industrial policy in support of export and at the same time support the initiatives put in place by the organizers to explore new markets of fair users.