EIMA 2020: the organization has begun

[:en]EIMA 2020 si sta preparando all’edizione che andrà in scena a Bologna dall’11 al 15 novembre del prossimo anno, con un evento dedicato alle novità tecniche.[:]

EIMA 2020 (www.eima.it) is preparing for the next edition that will be in Bologna on November 11th to 15th 2020. An international event dedicated to the technical news and a contest that rewards the quality of installations are two of the news of the next edition.

The Italian federation of the agricultural machineries builders FederUnacoma, that is organizing EIMA 2020, opened the subscriptions for the exposers companies on the 23rd of September and they’re already busy for the manage of the high number of subscriptions. In the first two days of opening for the subscriptions they received more than 600 requests of participations, many of these from foreign companies, and in the days after the requests have continued to increase.

Now there are almost 1.2000 formal subscriptions, a number that suggest that in the next edition the record of participants (1.950, in 2018) will be beaten.

Alessandro Malavolti, FederUnacoma chairman, explained: “The data about the request of expositive space is very meaningful and it’s increasing from the last edition. In this moment almost 100 thousands square meters are potentially occupied and in sectors like forestation, reclamation, spraying and ground processing the 80% of the available space is occupied, while other sectors like irrigation and agricultural machineries have occupied almost the 90% of the dedicated space. The fairground of Bologna will be totally occupied in its 150 thousands square meters net, and it can offer a quality of the structures that’s getting better and better”.

After the launch of the new pavilions (28,29,30) during the last edition, EIMA 2020 will have also the newest pavilion 37 and another expositive area created between Palazzo dei Congressi and pavilion 19. Among the main news there’s the contest dedicated to technical news that will have an important international event dedicated to them two months before EIMA 2020, a demonstrative area outdoor for information and divulgation activities. A new contest is planned to value the aesthetic quality of the stands.