The Campionaria 2019 is back in Bergamo

[:it]Inizierà mercoledì 30 ottobre per concludersi il 3 novembre la Campionaria 2019, ovvero la “fiera delle fiere” che si svolgerà a Bergamo[:]

It will start on Wednesday, October 30th to end on November 3rd  the sample, that is the exhibition “of exhibitions” that will take place at the exhibition of Bergamo. The exhibition is organized by Promoberg and showcases about forty product sectors. Now in its 41st edition in its first four decades of history, the sample collection presented the best of production and services to businesses and households, anticipating some trends that can change lifestyles at work or within the home. 

On the 17 thousand square meters occupied by the sample, we meet businesses and the general public, transit and cross products, services, experiences. In line with what has been implemented for years, the organization has raised the quality level of exhibitors in the sample, identifying companies that are more in line with market demands than others. Over the years it has also updated the calendar of side events, made of information, comparisons, shows and entertainment. Over 200 exhibitors are located in pavilions A and B, in the central gallery and in the pavilion B.est. The companies exhibiting (and selling) during the sampling, come from 15 Italian regions. One hundred and eleven are the Bergamo companies, followed by those in Brescia (11) and Milan (9). Ten provinces represented in Lombardy, for a total of 145 companies. In second place the region Veneto (13 companies), third Liguria (6). 46% of the enterprises come from outside province; 30% from outside region. There are also 9 foreign companies from Austria, France, Croatia, Spain, Ecuador and Pakistan. 

News 2019 of the sample event “bricks in Bergamo”, organized by La Città del Mattoncino with the support of Lego Italia and Warner Bross Ttgames.

Campionaria 2019 in brief

Opening: from Wednesday 30th October 15:00-22:30; Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd November 10:00-22:30; Sunday 3rd November 10:00-20:00
ticket: free entry

Parking: 3 Euro (daily flat rate)

 Organizers: Ente Fiera Promoberg