Fiera Internazionale del Bovino, il focus a Cremona

[:it]la Fiera Internazionale del Bovino da Latte è uno dei principali eventi mondiali per la zootecnia da latte, dal 23 al 26 ottobre a Cremona.[:]

Now in its 74th edition, the International Milk Cattle Exhibition ( is one of the world’s leading events for dairy farming that takes place this year from 23 to 26 October in Cremona. Important appointment of the International Zootechnical Exhibitions of Cremona, reserved to professional operators of the sector and companies that produce plants and services. The International Milk Cattle Exhibition attracts the world’s leading brands in Cremona every year (around 800)presenting to the more than 58,000 professional visitors of the 2018 edition a showcase on products and services. The International Milk Cattle Exhibition takes place in the area with the highest concentration of large farms and processing industries. Cremona is in fact at the heart of an agro-zootechnical system among the most important in Europe, able to produce 23% of Italian dairy cattle and 44% of Italian milk and whose productivity in agro-industrial has reached the value of 12.3 billion euros (13% of the Italian total). In addition to the exhibition proposal, among the highlights of the International Milk Cattle Exhibition the calendar of conferences, seminars and workshops. An offer that each year addresses the hottest topics in the industry with the expertise of international specialists. 

In order to guarantee high-profile scientific content, for years Cremonafiere has established collaborations with institutions, associations, universities and research centres. These include Crea zootecnia e acquacoltura, Lodi, Crpa, Reggio Emilia, Osservatorio Smart agrifood (Politecnico di Milano and Università di Brescia), Wageningen University & Research, University of Dublin, CremonaFood Lab. 

Four villages dedicated to innovation

Inside the International Dairy Cattle Exhibition are reserved 4 areas-focus – called village – dedicated to as many themes.

-Milk Village: special area dedicated to technical and technological innovations in the dairy sector with various ideas for developing new businesses.

-Bio Village: inaugurated in 2016, allows exhibitors to present particular solutions and systems for agriculture and organic farming.

-Techno Village: designed to illustrate in the best way the latest techniques and the most innovative and efficient solutions in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.

-Bioenergy Village:  a space dedicated to professional comparison for the development of an integrated and sustainable supply chain for the production of bioproducts.