Macfrut 2020, the news starting from the date

[:it]Al convegno organizzato da Macfrut 2020 parteciperanno i protagonisti e i leader delle filiere produttive[:]

One of the most promising sector for the sustainable production and with high performances the biostimulants will be at the center of a specific focus at Macfrut (, the international salon of the fruit and vegetables industry that will be in the fairy space of Rimini from the 5th to the 7th of May 2020, anticipating the beginning and the closing compared to the previous editions.

The news are the new Spices & Herbes Global Expo salon and the re-proposal of “Progettto Biostimolanti”(, developed in the Area Biostimolanti, Tour Tematici and the second edition of Biostimulant International Congress.

“Progetto Biostimolanti”

Localized in the Hall Sud, in front of the main entrance of the fair, so it’s a space with great visibility, the Area Biostimolanti is a window where the exposers will be able to expose their products to an international public composed by the industries present at Macfrut.

The Tour Tematici for the visitors will give the chance to the exposers companies to meet group of visitors and referents of productive industries and opinion leaders, introducing products and news.

On program in the morning of the 7th of May the Biostimulant International Congress is an event that put in contact industries, institutions and the biostimulants world in order to introduce the main emergent exigencies (climate changes and market challenges) and to know the main innovations of the sector. The protagonists and the leaders of the industries of the South Europe, representing of the institutions, of the industries and of the research for updates of the normative, market and technical innovations. This event has paid admission and you have to register. The event is organized by Macfrut and in collaboratiob with the scientific partner Agri2000.