12th edition of G! come Giocare a Fieramilanocity

[:it]Sarà come sempre una festa lunga 3 giorni il prossimo appuntamento con G! come Giocare 2019[:]

As always it will be a 3 day party the next appointment with G! come Giocare 2019 (www.gcomegiocarere.it), event that from 22 to 24 November will involve more than 50 thousand people. In the 2 halls of Fieramilanocity games and toys, initiatives and workshops, previews and live shows of all types and for all ages.  As recalled by Paolo Taverna, general manager of Assogiocattoli, there is no event in Italy aimed at the public so representative and important for the whole sector as G! how to play 2019. It’s a unique and inimitable weekend. The positive trend and the constant growth of recent years both in terms of access, both for the satisfaction of the public and companies, confirm to all, professionals first of all, that the one undertaken is the right path to follow in order to continue to grow exponentially».

Not only plays

The 12th edition of G! come Giocare, organized by fandango Club and promoted by Assogiocattoli, will transform the exhibition district in Milan in the country of toys, where there will also be a Christmas village, I’m the only one who can boast of Santa’s real Post Office. Among the participating companies Mattel with the brands Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price and the train Thomas, Lego and the puzzles Ravensburger, LOL surprise of Precious Games, drones, vehicles and remote-controlled tracks of Carrera Toys. Next to the games, the world of television with the participation of the group’s De Agostini Editore channels: Deakids (channel 601 and 602 of Sky), DeAJunior (channel 623 of Sky), and Super! joint venture between De Agostini Editore and Viacom Italia (47 dtt). g! as Playing 2019 will also be the occasion to present in preview the new animated series“44 Gatti”, created by Rainbow hygienic wretches, which will also sign the’ live exhibition of winx. Another preview will be that of “Club 57”, TV series set in the 50’s and shot between Miami and Puglia with an international cast.  There will be plenty of live music parades with mascots and cosplayers along the promenade that crosses the stands, as well as the shows on the central stage much appreciated by the youngest visitors. To capture the participation Canon will organize different areas of photo shooting and printing available to all. The president of fandango Club, Marco Moretti, has declared an event of this kind is a big responsibility, we are dealing with the dreams of children and with the magic of Christmas, the most awaited moment of the year for the little ones. We are really proud to make thousands of families happy, so we will continue to do it better, aiming at a steady growth of the event year after year, continuing the positive trend of the last two editions and supporting in an increasingly effective and proactive way the whole sector».